How to ftp user list into SparkPage

Owners can ftp their user database in CSV format. 

Download our CSV template which contains all the default user fields. 

You may add new fields into the CSV  which you have created in SP so that your csv files and your SparkPage user database have the same fields. Custom fields can be added in SparkPage by choosing
  • Settings
  • User Data
  • New Field
The only mandatory field in the csv is the UID field. This must be filled in in order for the FTP process to work. 
You will have received your ftp log in details from our Sales Team. We recommend the ftp client Filezilla. We do not support it but we use it ourselves. So open up your ftp client, you must:
Choose site manager:

And input your:
  • ftp host
  • login
  • Password
It should look like this:

Press connect and you are now connected to the Sparkpage FTP server.
Simply drag and drop your csv file over. Please note that it is  very important that you drop your file to the correction section shown here:

Once the file is carried over it will take minutes for the data to appear in your user account. Simply refresh the page to see the results appearing after a few minutes depending on the amount of users you are importing. i..e 50.000 users will take approximately 3 - 5 minutes to appear in your account. Once the import is complete you will receive an email tell you that the import has been successful like this.

So for example we have a blank user database in SparkPage like this:

Then you ftp a csv file like this:

Your user database in SparkPage will now look like this:

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