How To Connect Your Urban Airship Account To SparkPage

This document shows you how to track in-app usage Events and send Push Notifications through your Urban Airship account. In a few simple steps you can get this connected.

To start, you need to go to the “SETTINGS” section of SparkPage which is the bottom tab on the left-hand side of your screen.

Once in “SETTINGS”, click on the “CONNECTIONS” tab that is at the top of the page.

you will then find a list of icons under the “ADD CONNECTION APPS” and click on Urban Airship. You can then fill out the form. You will need your App Name, App ID, URBAN AIRSHIP API KEY and URBAN AIRSHIP APP SECRET.

You can get this from Urban Airship in two places. Login to you Urban Airship dashboard, select the app you want to connect and visit Settings > APIs & Integrations.

Copy the  Bundle ID and paste them into the App ID sections in SparkPage. You can give the App an App Name that's easy to identify as this will appear throughout the rest of SparkPage.

Next, navigate to Connect on your Urban Airship dashboard and find SparkPage in the list. 

Click this to add a new SparkPage connection. You'll be asked to create a Name and Description here and press "Save and Create Access Tokens"

Now you'll be given a SparkPage specific App Key and Access Token which you can paste into the SparkPage settings.

once you have this form filled out, click save and your account is connected!

Within 30 minutes your Urban Airship events will start recording into SparkPage. Every time a user opens, closes, installs, uninstalls or any number of other Events Urban Airship captures, these can be used to trigger journeys , make decisions and personalise your User Journeys.

Any Push Notification you add to a jour will also have this App available in the dropdown, meaning you can send this push to the specified User through this app, if they have it installed and have push notifications enabled.

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