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What are attributes and Events?

User attributes are things that users have – like first name, last name, age, gender, price plan – they’re the properties of your users. This is the kind of data you'd collect on signup, or through a social connect. SparkPage has some default attributes (like email, first name etc.) but you can pass any custom attributes to us and we'll make them available for personalisation and segmentation

Events are the things that users do – like sign up, create a profile, add a friend, create a playlist etc. – they’re the actions that users take within your app. Tracking these Events let you map a user's journey and send incredibly timely and relevant messages to each user based on the actions they (do or don't) take within your app You can record as many Events as you want for each user through our API.

Can I A/B test my emails?

In SparkPage, you can test entire Journeys.

This means that, instead of just testing a subject line or from address and measuring open rates, you can make these changes and measure their effect on your entire Journey.

So instead of just asking "Which subject gets more email opens?", you can ask more powerful questions like "Which subjects gets more users to eventually become an active user"

Can I track conversions in my app for an email?

Of course! Any Event that you record for your users can be used for both triggering emails and for tracking conversions.

So if, for example, you're recording every time a user upgrades to a premium subscription, you can set this as the conversion goal for any Journey.

You can then run A/B tests to optimize the conversion rate of the Journey towards that goal.

What happens if I go over my subscription limit?

Don't worry, you won't get cut off, but we will get in touch to help you migrate to a more appropriate price plan for your usage levels.

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