How To Find Your iOS App Certificate*

To add an iOS App to SparkPage you need to have an iOS App Certificate.

To get your ioS App Certificate you first have to visit and login to your Apple Developer Member Center.

Within the App Developer Member Center click on “Identifiers under the iOS Apps tab and locate your app on the list.

ios 1.png

How to get your first App ID

If you don’t already have an App ID, you can get on by clicking the + icon and filling out the form. While doing this, ensure that you check the Push notifications checkbox.

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You will see two settings for push notifications with green and yellow icons when you expand applications.

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You can now continue and click Settings/Edit button. I.E Only the team agent or admin will be able to see this button. The original creator (team agent) will have to complete this step.

To Generate your Certificate

To create a certificate choose between either Development or Production certificate options and, click “Create Certificate”

From here you will find the “Add iOS Certificate Assistant” and several instructions. Follow these and then click ”Continue”. And by using the Certificate Signing request that was just created, get the APNS Push SSL certificate.

A download button will then appear and you can download your new certificate. However, you may need to reload the page for this to update.

Open the certificate and you will open the Keychain Access. Here is where you will find your certificate under “My Certificate". If you cannot locate it, then check under “Certificates” as it may be in there.

How to Renew Your Certificate

If you are renewing your certificate, you can follow the steps that we have outlined above. You do not need to revoke a previous certificate in order to make this change. You can have two production certificates at the same time to allow you to continue using the old certificate while uploading the new one.

How to Export the .p12 File

Before you can add this certificate to SparkPage, you have to save your signing certificate as a .p12 file.

To do this select the certificate that was added to Keychain Access and select “File -> Export Items” from the menu. Under the Category Menu on the lower left-hand side select “My Certificates”. If “My Certificates” is not highlighted, you will not be able to export the certificate as a .p12 file.

When saving the file, use the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format.

Now we need to convert the keys into .pems. Run:

openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in aps_dev_key.p12 -out aps_dev_key.pem 
openssl pkcs12 -nocerts -in aps_prod_key.p12 -out aps_prod_key.pem

This step will ask you to enter the password for the .p12 file and then enter another password to encrypt the pem file.

Then simply place your certificate details into SparkPage. To discover how to do that,  click here.

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