How To Create A Push Notification

While building your journeys  in SparkPage, you can start writing and creating the push notifications that you are going to be sending. 

Creating a push notification in your Journey Builder

You can do this by going into your journey and under the action menu on the right-hand side you can drag and drop the “Send Push” icon onto your workflow. 
You can name the push notification in the right-hand bar under “Push Settings”. You can also set a delivery window for when you want this notification to be received. You can then start to construct your push notification by clicking the “Create Push” button. 

How to add a “from” address

Before you start writing the content of your push notification, you need to select an app that the message will be from. 
This is done by simply clicking the “Select App” drop down menu and choosing the app you wish your message to be from. 

With SparkPage, you can have a number of apps on the same account. However before you can send from an app, you must connect it. You can learn how to  connect your app to SparkPage here

How to create and personalize a message

In the right-hand box in the section “Message Content” is where you can create and edit your push notification. 
With the push, you can write a message that is up to 256 characters long. And you can view this message in the mobile screen on the left-hand side of the page. 
You can also personalize your message by adding a User Attribute by clicking the user icon on the right-hand side of the “Message Content” box and selecting one of the attributes you’d like to use. 

That's it! 
You can then just click save in the bottom right-hand corner and continue building your journey. 

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