Getting Started with SparkPage Journey Builder

Congrats on creating your SparkPage account! We are excited to have you aboard. 

Within SparkPage, your journeys are the hub for all of your activity.  They are where you plan, design and customize your onboarding flow so that you can effectively onboard, active and convert new users.

Journeys are simple and intuitive to use. But to help you out we’ve outlined a basic how-to video and a few simple steps to get you started.

This walkthrough will help you:

  • Understand what a journey is
  • Learn how to navigate SparkPage’s journey builder
  • Grasp how to add steps into your journey

Building your Journey

  • When you log into SparkPage, choose “Journeys” from the left hand menu
  • Click new journey on top right hand corner 
  • Select and customize the steps in your user’s journey
  • Once completed, click save draft or continue to publish

Pretty simple, right? Good luck with building your first journey and if you need any help just send us a message.

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