How To Create, Edit or Delete an Email Address

You can set any "from name" and "reply to" address for your emails that SparkPage delivers. But what if you want to change these or add a new one?

How to add a new email

There are two ways to add a new email to your SparkPage account.

First, is when you are creating messages in the journey builder.

add email gsljbgs.gifUnder the “BASIC INFO” section on the right-hand side, click on the “CHOOSE EMAIL” tab and choose “+ New Address”. You can then simply type in a “From Name” and “Reply-To Email Address” that your emails will be sent from.

The second method is by going to Settings and Connections. In the “ADD CONNECTION APPS” section, you will see an email icon.

add email 1.png

Click on this icon.

lemon 1.gif

From here you can add a new “From Name” and “Reply-To Email Address”, hit save and you can start sending from this address.

How to change or delete an email

To change or delete an email address you can go to Settings and click on the tab Connections.

edit or delete an email.gif

Under the heading “CONNECTED ACCOUNTS” click on the configured email tag. You will see a list of emails that are on your account. Click on the edit button of the email you would like to edit or delete.

In the “EDIT EMAIL SETTINGS” pop up and you can then edit your email. To delete click on “DELETE” button on the bottom left-hand corner, click confirm and the email will be deleted. 

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