What Sections Can I Add to a Page?

Text Sections

Text Area

This is a standard web text editor allowing users to add and format their text.


This element is typically placed at the top of the page and gives an “app like” look to the page

Design & Layout

Horizontal rule

This element is good for dividing up long pages and delineating separate areas of focus for the view


This element can prove very useful for layout & design purposes using its height slider



The image element allows users to add a single image to the page. Our maximum upload image resolution  1920x1200. If one of the dimensions is over the value set, the image will be reduced to our default value and compressed to a quality of 70. So in megabyte terms if you upload an image that is over 2 megabyte it will typically be over 1920 x 1200 in resolution (pixels) therefore it is reduced in size as you do not want to send your clients large files size image which eat into their data plan. Also, the recommended image to be sent by phone is one which can be easily seen on a small phone screen (4 inch ).

Image Slider

The image slider allows you to add multiple images which can be scrolled by the user. You can also add external links to link these images to other mobile pages.


Our video allows user to add a Youtube video (simply copy and paste the link). We will be adding more services in time (Vimeo for example) however do not support uploading video  to our server however you can embed the link in our custom HTML section

Calls to Action

App store

This element is designed to link to an app

External Link

This element is designed for general external links

Call now

This element is designed specifically for users to call a phone number


This element is designed to link to Paypal. Simply input the link to your specific PayPal account


Custom HTML

This element allows users to input their own custom HTML


Your form entries will be saved to the SparkPage database and accessible “on screen” and downloadable in CSV format. You can also save them to your own database or receive them by email

A success Page is the page the user will see after a successful submission of your form. You can input the url to your companies success page or leave the box blank and the user will be defaulted to the SparkPage success page.

Send SMS

This CTA brings up the SMS box when clicked on by users with the recipient number prepopulated with a number input by the builder of the page.

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