Campaign Page

Google Analytics

This element  allows you to enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and track your Spark pages

Desktop URL

Enter a link here and we'll automatically re-direct any non-mobile visitors to it. Great for when you link to this page in an email, social network or advertisement that might also be viewed by desktop users

Copy URL

Copies the page URL which can be pasted and sent out

Page Title

The title tag should contain important keywords to help the user and search engines determine what the page is about. We suggest using a descriptive title which ideally incorporates your company and product "brand words".


Applies a URL shortener  to the page URL allowing users to maximise the amount of character allowed in an SMS


This feature is good for checking how your page will look before it's sent out. As well as if you want to send out the preview to clients or colleagues. Please note that in preview mode you will not be able  to play a YouTube video nor scroll through the image scroller.

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